Torq F1t Training Solutions new challenge!


Our eight-week challenge – harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is about being the best version of yourself. It’s about feeling great, feeling strong and as a result, looking better than ever! It’s not about big prizes or free trips. Instead, we invest our time into you, as an individual and changing your life for the better.


  • 4 SWEAT classes per week / 8 WEEKS

    MON, WED, FRI – 6AM & 5:30PM SAT – 8:30AM

  • Pre and post body scan, understanding that healthy is not just a number
  • Nutrition Seminar – February 27th – 6pm

  • MEAL PLAN by Nutritionist, Elly McLean.

  • Off-day work out plan included to keep you on track
  • Facebook support group join our community get fit- make friends


To kick off our challenge, we will start with an interactive 60-minute seminar brought to you by Nutritionist, Elly McLean; you will learn the benefits of Just Eating Real Food (JERF), Lower Carbohydrate Healthy Fats (LCHF) and metabolic health. Along the way, Elly will provide practical advice on how to make meal planning work for you and debunk some age-old nutrition myths.

  • Why real food is an essential component of your current and long term health strategy.
  • How to build your plate and tailor your menu to achieve nutrient density and your optimal body composition.
  • The importance of nutrient timing to support your goals and training output.
  • How to make LCHF work for you and your family for the long term.
  • The importance of pathology and what to look for.
  • Lifestyle strategies to extend your metabolic health.
  • Why metabolic health is key to your health and wellness goals.
It’s time to debunk age-old nutrition myths surrounding the food pyramid, meal timing, and meal composition and optimise your diet for everything from fat loss and exercise performance to achieving ultimate health.


This event is suitable for everyone who is looking to optimise their health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle.


ONLY $320*
*FREE for existing Torq F1t Members

Cost: $320 | 4 sessions per week for 8 weeks


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