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Our high-intensity interval classes provide quick bursts of energy over a short period of time. These classes encourage the burning of more fat and calories in less time.

01. Tech Spin

Classes execute a variety of exercises, multi-directional movements with kettlebells, TRX® and body weights; all designed to engage multiple muscle groups and aide your body’s ability to burn more calories while building strength.

01. TRX

02. Barbell Club

03. Every-body/BootCamp

04. Rowing
Classes can improve your overall strength, mobility and flexibility. By practicing Yoga, Pilates and Barre you will increase the health and longevity of your spine, as well as build greater core strength.

01. Yoga

02. Barre

03. Pilates

04. MOTR
Our Active Mums Class offers a complete workout for new mums who are looking to increase physical activity but are quite not ready to leave baby with a sitter or would like to bond further more with their infant. Mums are able to increase endurance, flexibility and strength all while their baby sits comfortably and securely in a baby carrier. Mums will reap the physical benefits of this class and the ability to meet other local mums in a fun, friendly and relaxing environment.

01. Mums with baby (please bring your own baby carrier)

02. Stroller Stride (please bring your own stroller)